Saturday, June 14, 2008


wanted to update my blog long ago
but then i dunno why cannot load pictures

and i forgot what to blog about le...

oh yes, i caught sex and the city
it was okay la, some part quite hilarious
and it just makes me wish that perhaps i'll have 3 very good galfrens in the future
to stick with me through everything
to brave the snow and the jam just to run to my hse
and celebrate new year with me when i'm all alone

of course, the perfect situation will be when i'm NOT alone la
haha =P


this looks so mature, with a bit of stuff toys at the side

but under the blanket, it is this!!!!!!!!
pooh bear OVERLOAD! =P

but hor, the bedsheets are quite rough la :(

CUTE ANOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

haha, anyway, my cousins are here staying over now
will update again another time! :)
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