Sunday, June 01, 2008

[my 20th]

yesterday i celebrated my20th birthday! :)
yeah, advanced celebration, my b-dae is actually on 2nd june

so odd ritex, y celebrate 20th!
i mean, i'm definitely not excited about having a 2 in my age
but because next year's 21st, i wun be in singapore
will be overseas, so my mom thought of celebrating earlier this year

mummy's the best! :) she was like ill over the weekends la
but she still did everything she could for my bdae celebration!
she was like running all over the place settling everything la
cos, erm, me and my daddy were not of great help, haha!

invited some mfps pple, a few cedar pple, and nus pple
din invite all of my cedar frens and also my vj frens
else my function room will be exploding le la =S
i had like 50+ pple over
some suddenly couldn't make it la

fetched my ah gong over for lunch
then at about 3+pm, we all went down to start setting up function room
gh came over at 4+ to help with balloons and deco too :)

nice balloons! :)

almost died blowing balloons
the pump we bought din work la! well, but it was like $1

my mum went out to collect cake when gang hao
jj called, say they boarded train at orchard le
yeah, so gh drove me out to pick them up lor
losing his visitor lot along the way too, cos another car snatched it =P

met jj, jo, lq at yck mrt
haven met them in agessssss!
okay, jj i met her last month la, haha!

and the car was like full of crazy laughter!

went upstairs to change first
thought it was raining, so went to take umbrella also
in the end never rain la!
and daryl came early too! surprised!

went down to the function room again to continue with deco
some were watching high school musical 2

haha, thanx for helping me with balloons! :)

after that pple slowly streamed in
in fact, almost everyone were late la
den quite odd
cos actually i kinda staggered timing
i asked family to come earlier, friends come later
so that i got some time with family first
in the end, family were late =S

the buffet was not very fantastic
the fried xiao long bao was nice though
prawn and chicken was HORRIBLY disappointing!

had a kinda rushed dinner
like hop here hop there
din really eat, wasn't very hungry also la =S

den after that, the dvd was played finish
changed to channel 8
my grandma complain, weird la! change to ktv

weird also lehhh

but good thing for pple like xf and ervin :)
went to peng chang ktv, haha

i expected my aunt jeannie to be the one to start off
din know she paiseh can
maybe amongst our own family den she wun mind la

yup, besides ktv, some played jenga

some played uno

den after a few hours, decided to cut cake already
cos some of my family members had to leave early lar
daryl and vince also had to leave too

my b-dae cake :)
actually i wanted a winnie the pooh cake, but it was
pooh bear is like exclusive =S

with daddy and mummy

papa and mama

my grandma, lydia, seowmin

my ah gong

my maternal cousins

nus foc pple

some mfps pple

a few cedar pple :)

yayyy! i was so happy with my balloon!

my two fave boys :)
who bought present for me!!!!!!!!
so touched la!

played some sparklers too
my star shaped sparklers!!
but it din turn out super nice la

okay, and now for my presents...

from my uncle peter and aunty jacqueline

from my eugene and ianian

when i saw their card
i totally melted...........
it's ike super sweet :)

pooh bear box!

and out pops the pooh bear balloon!

jj, lq, jo, angela's box full of gifts!
plus famous amos cookie, and a dress

brownies and capitaland vouchers from
mel, clara, ervin and fk
er...quite odd to see fk's name there la, i din even invite him
haha, but thanks all the same!

ah peh and aunty lily's gift
but er, it's too big, gonna give my mummy

essence oil burner from aunty siewfoong

eau de toilette and card from sw, rk, zh

necklace from daryl
haha, wah, i'm princess eh =P

chocs, photoalbum and angpaos from mama and papa

BIG card, funny desktop ornament and tag from wj, gj, kk, zs

osmose dress from..........omg, i forgot leh!
i think from melissa and melberly?!
i dunno! omgggg! from some family members la

guess wallet from xf, hy, vince, charles

white toscano wallet from gh :)

and the rest gave me manymanymany angpaos
thanx, i'm really quite money faced one, haha, money is good =P

yayy! thanks everyone for making my b-dae so special
was really happy yesterday!

tml going out for dinner with my parents :)
it's also their wedding anniversary!

2nd june is such a special day eh! =P

and i decorated my room with...

flower balloons :)

pooh bear ballon :)

hahaha, and my
"1 year older and still sexy" sign!!! =P

oh, and today i went for robinsons expo sale with my parents again
we spent 300bucks there =S omg
my daddy bought alot la!
i bought 2 pants, 2 blouses, 1 shirt

and tml is another day of work, siannnnnnnn!
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