Sunday, June 08, 2008


feeling very lazy these days

and i'm sure i'll look back and regret
how i waste away my holidays!

have not yet started learning how to cook from my mom
cos i'm lazy to stand in the kitchen and observe
when there's a nice sofa and tv in the living room

have not yet met up with people who i want to meet
cos i'm just to lazy to plan or coordinate
and well, everyone is also like busy anyway

have not yet planned out sweden/europe itinery
i wanted to kinda settle it this hols, so i have more time to think
haha, quite kia su hor! it's like 7 months away!

have not yet emailed people about housing
but then again, i also think they wun reply me
cos it's like too far away, perhaps they can't decide

have not yet cleared my room
it appears quite neat on the front
but the cupboards inside........*shudders*

have not yet read enough books
i have yet to enjoy the relaxing feeling of picking up a book
and sitting at starbucks
and just read and chill

have not yet exercised
yeah, have not swim, have not jogged =S
maybe after my daddy go back to china then i'll start ba

omggg! so many "have not yets"!!!!!!
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