Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family day @ safra mount faber

yesterday had company's family day at safra mount faber

met gh at toa payoh and then he drive there lor
supposed to start at 10am, but we reached there at 9.40am
and of course, there was no one there,
except for the hr person in charge and the safra organisers

alot of massive balls for the telematch

and at 10am, still got no one else around la
damn sian, so went to the playground, and gh also went to climb the rock wall

this dunno-wad-thing in the playground looks like some POTTY LA!

1st attempt.......failed

2nd attempt........failed

3rd attempt.........still failing =P

haha, decided to take photo of myself while gh continues attempting...

ooh, succeed le!

(we stone for dunno how long, and the games still haven started)

then it got very hot la, the sun was like BLAZING!
we went in search of the toilet, not sure where
ended up at the bowling alley toilet which was

haha, but okay la, not that bad, still got toilet paper

got some sec schs there having competition i think
so long never go bowling le!
bowling quite expensive also la
it's kinda like bowling ur money away
worse thing is to wash the drain (gutter) with ur money also

yeah, i rmb last time in vjc, go bowling quite often leh!!
not as if pocket bowl very cheap la
but that's one of the few nearby entertainment from vjc
haha, and the bowling sessions always super hilarious one
wif bowler glen doing his stuff

so we stone at the 2nd floor indoor area for awhile
look at people swimming/tanning
and wishing i can jump in also, but i can't

spying on hr director + wife + baby

well, then finally people started coming la
the turnout was like pathetic la
including children and spouse right.... only got 35 people AT MOST
win already lor....

balloon woman! think she had alot of leftover balloons la
not alot of children there anyway
i also went up to take a balloon la =P

i seriously went up and.......
"eh, can i have a balloon? *BIG SMILES ON FACE*"

wah, nice anot! :)

then i tried to make the little girls jealous la
like if they are near me, i'll purposely put my flower bracelet near them
so that they can see

cheap thrill eh -______-"

haha, another pose on the rock wall

anyway, i din exactly succeeded in making the little gals jealous
i made the hr granny jealous though
hahahaha! then she also got a flower bracelet!

me and hr granny =P
both with flower bracelets!

yup, subsequently, more people got it la =P

okay, that's the end of the pictures le
cos the games finally started
got this safra guy taking photos though
will have to wait until he sends it over to the company lor

anyway, i din expect that i'll be playing games la
i thought i'll be doing miscellaneous stuff
like, er, dunno take photo, stand around, blah
end up, well, there's so little people
so we all just split into groups lor
was in the same group as gh, jade (hr), hr granny

Game #1
3 people use those toilet plungers and support the big ball there and back
then the last person will bounce the ball on his head there and back

haha, okay, so the first part,
the ceo's team was leading la
then gh was doing the heading thing
hahaha, and he beat the ceo team =P

haha, no more salary for him le la =P

Game #2
there's this exercise ball thingie wif a handle
supposed to sit on it and bounce
so u're basically like a rabbit la, hop hop hop

hahaha, even though gh gave us such a humgous lead ritex
but, er, i really died la, omgggggg! legs SUPER SUAN LEH!
towards the end
i think like left 3metres
i dun wanna hop le :(
and i ended up falling on my ass
falling on my knees and getting cuts
and collapsing on the floor at the end

yeah, jade also was super duper tired
hr granny din go for it
gh was supposed to take her turn la
but, eh, in the end, he also never go again

Game #3
group skiing on wooden planks
all step on the planks and walk lor

hai, i was still super tired from the hopping can!!!
anyway, the ceo team was like super zai
no kick for them, they were like leading everyone by a lap like that =S

and i was like almost being crushed cos i had to support some weight
and my feet was also being stepped on :(
oh mannn, all my battle scars!!!

Game #4
all stand on the mat, and flip it over

haha, the o-week game!
hence, we were damn fast! :D
and it was like no kick cos only 4 people on the mat?!?!?
not say very difficult to squeeze one corner mah!

well, at this point, i thought it was the last game le....
i mean, we were like dying under the sun leh!
and i was still super shack from game #2
but still got one more game before lunch la

Game #5
noodle soccer kinda
use long styrofoam rods and fold it into half
and then whack this big ball around
and aiming for the goal lor

so we had to split into 2 teams for this
haha, ceo was our goalkeeper
he should have just sent there and GLARE at the opposing team
no one will dare to score a goal le la =P

anyway, wah seh! the guys were damn HIONG LA!
i mean, considering there were kids around and like got granny around
i thought it'll be a friendly friendly game
wah lauuuuuuuuuuuuu
they whack like tennis/volleyball like that la

hahaha! then got once, gh and some other person were fighting for the ball
and everyone started crowding around them
and dunno whacking them or whacking the ball la
hahahaha! funny la =P
i was like standing nearby laughing =P

anyway, finally, the ceo team won lor!

then it was like break awhile, tabulate scores
before heading off for lunch!

haha, as for the scores,
apparently actually the ceo team won la
but of course, they let it out
so, first was team b (our team!)
and we got $10 taka voucher each

(it was supposed to be $20 de....but they took it out to give the kids)

haha, sidenote
i was telling my mom we won $10 taka voucher
she was like -_____-"
$10 in taka buy wad la
at least $10 ntuc voucher still got things to buy

haha, okay, then it was LUNCHTIME!
at potter's cafe!
lunch was like...1+pm la
cos we overrun mah, since we started like 1hr late

anyway, the food basically sux
and they had to order for minimum 70 people
and there were only like so few of us
and kids, i mean, they dun eat alot
and i also din eat alot la
totally no appetite can!
especially after i look at the veg
see already also feel like puking la!

after lunch, we decided to go bathe la
gh got bring towel and shirt la
erm, i brought nothing
so i kope towel from the kids goodie bags =P
it was tiny like handkerchief can, wad towel lor...
even smaller than my face towel at home la!
anyway, i took 2 of it
then i went to buy a shirt from some sale at safra there
$6, some giodarno tee

then we went to holland v watsons to grab some bathing stuff
bought shampoo, bathfoam, facial wash

yup, then we headed for nus src
which was surprisingly crowded eh!
but manage to find parking lot la

to think i said i'll never step back to sch until sch officially starts...

haha, yup, after bathing and feeling clean and fragrant
we headed off to vivo city, after deciding for a loooooong time where to go
walked around for awhile
then i got tired, and cramps
then went to sushi tei to eat
queued for like half an hour or so, the queue was SUPER DUPER LONG!

we had a very good seat at sushi tei though!
facing the sea that side
haha, can see sunset somemore, romantic hor =P
yeah, but a coconut tree in front of us block the view -_____-"

oh well, my arms and back is like aching from the MASSIVE WORKOUT
i woke up this morning like an old woman la!
then, spent the day cleaning up my room
threw away quite alot of things
and put stuff aside to give away to my cousins
still left one more section to clear

shall clear it after dinner!
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