Monday, May 26, 2008

[a day in my life in r]

decided to blog about a day in my life in r
u can see how BORING my life is -__-"

early morning, wake up at 6.45am
snooze alarm awhile...

choose clothes, like duh
so far, i have not repeated wearing anything since start of work!
both top and bottom also haven repeat! :)

of course need to doll myself up abit u know
the earrings and necklace

look at my dark eyerings :(
face also abit white cos of the cream la, haha =P

and of course always must rmb to close my room window
got once i forgot, den my mom ranted super long

yay! i'm dressed for work!

a cup of milo before leaving the house
and of course, can read abit first

see everyone chionging to the bus stop!
i also need to chiong!

down the lift

see the playground and the usual maids and the dogs

and at 7.30 around there, the bus will come!
(actually, my watch was 5mins slow today, OMG!)

yayy, loop bus is here!

and i'll transfer to take mrt to lavender
grabbing the Today paper and the My Paper along the way

and i'll meet gh at lavender platform
all dressed so formally, unlike me =P

and we head towards office

that long, dreaded, super inertia path :(

finally reach le! no yayyys :(

sigh...i dun even wanna take the lift up
which accounts for why i never aim properly to press la =P

it takes up about 5 stories
and they taking over first floor soon
with another expansion for training academy

funny lift!
notice there's no door close button?

in the very big and spacious lift

reach office on the 5th floor, first thing is put bag down
and then turn on my computer

while waiting for com to on, firstly, must go wash hand!
the newspapers very dirty leh!
always make my hand black black!

and refill my bottle with the hightech water cooler

and it's back to my com
with lotus notes to keep my ALIVE

gh's desk on the 6th floor
with lots of food on his table, unlike mine :(
but with a dinosaur computer, unlike mine :)

the amazing window in the toilet
it's like so bloody big that any peeping tom can peep in
but there's another cubicle without the window la
and the toilet is TINY!

at 11.50am, i'll feel this heart racing feeling
like, OMG, HURRY CHANGE TO 12PM!!!!!!!!!!!!

din take photos about lunch and stuff
later my colleagues think i crazy eh!!!
haha, i got take photo of my food once la, they were fine with it though
but the whole process, hmm, funny la =P

and at 5.30pm, YAY! WORK IS OVER!

time to roll sleeves up, let ur hair down, and just
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