Monday, December 25, 2006


ah, look at the freaking time
i should be asleep right now!!
but i spent all the time uploading this video
which took me 150mins?!?!? OMG LA!
wad's wrong wif photobucket?!?!?!?
it was moving like a SNAIL SNAIL SNAIL!!!

anywaz, due to my exhaustive efforts
please watch the video if u free lorx

i think videos are nice to take, next time i'll take more =D
so, some kind soul please get me a proper video cam ba =D
though my camera de is quite okay i guess

kinda clear ritex?!?

one night in beijing by the original singers (whoever they are)

the initial laughter is that of ELYN TAN!
hahaha, v. funni la
chopped off some parts
cos photobucket onli can allow me to upload 100mb worth
maybe i should lower the resolution and stuff

kindly up ur volume =)

and in a desperate attempt to make my tagboard more alive
(and to make myself happy)

my tagboard's deadified
please revive it whoever who still visits it
my blog hits has been down by more than half ever since i went m'sia
now horx, everything updated le lehz! =D
though i still haven blog about m'sia...soon soon!
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