Tuesday, December 12, 2006

[precious moments]

went out wif fujing and debbie today
well, me and fj were late la
and i still msg db to come like 15mins earlier somemore
ermz, cos she usually the latest one mah...so tell her earlier timing
in the end, she waited damn long for us =P
sorry db!!!!

den we went to The Cathay to sit sit talk talk bitch bitch
went up to the theatre to see wad movie to watch
okay la, fj wanted to watch Flag of Our Fathers
but i was like very against it la =P such war shows abit no appeal to me
though if end up got nothing to watch, i dun mind la

haha, end up watch Dejavu
oh no, i think i cover my eyes alot can =P
ermz, can't be helped ya
it was a rather amazing thing la, like altering the future
the ending abit wth lehz... i rather they show the guy rmb the gal
den happy happy ending u know
the most wth part is when the bad guy wanna take scissors and
cut off the gal's fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like OMG!!!!
i totally feel the pain can!!! eeeeek!!!!
haha, and fj's mum is v. anti-climax
like a few seconds more, the bomb gonna explode le
den she called fj =P
wah, i'll be quite wth if my phone ring at that time
or rather, i'll just ignore it ba
i need my hands to cover my eyes =P

after that walked back to PS
den we saw this precious moments show
did u know the 2 figurines are called DEBBIE & MIKEY?!?

db was so excited to see her name can
so we stayed to watch the show la, den tried to take some pictures of them

i like precious moments, it's nice and sweet and lovely =)
my mom has this cross-stitch in her room la, v. nice =)
i also got sew precious moments cross-stitch de...just never frame up onli
oh yeah, and u know wad?
it means that manda has ALOT of debbies at home!!!!!
hahaha =P

ah well, den we were looking for a place to go dinner la
ljs was packed, i was v. against yoshi
so ended up at mos
den walk into mos, we were finding seats la
den look in front, ehz, happen to see jfoo and his fren david (not lee)
hahaha, fj seemed quite stunned la =P
she see him for 2 consecutive days by coincidence le
yeah, den db went off to meet her other frens
den we sit and eat lorx

yupz, den went home after awhile
wah, i was quite scared my mom will scold me like mad la
cos wad happen?

1) i din sweep the floor in the morning
2) i din return my library books
3) i din off the water heater
4) i din close the living room windows

(good thing never rain)

she in quite a good mood ba
my cousins are sleeping over tml
and my ah gong also
and we're going escape theme park tml
oh no, i'm totally scaredy cat one can.....
i bet my little ian will scold me tml for being useless =(

btw, note to everyone


okay, enough of advertisement
for more details, go their webbie lorx (it'll be the same as wad i said so dun bother =P)

i'll blog more about it tml
for all u know, got some small black and white or smthg... -_-"

den i'll feel v.v.v.v. wth
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