Monday, December 25, 2006

[m'sia trip]

ah, finally blogging about m'sia le!!!
like it took me days horx!!
like today is christmas le!
okay, actually not say THAT MANI DAYS LA!

oh, and sidenote,

Day 1

woke up at like 5am and my uncle fetched us to kovan to meet the rest
i was so sleepy and grouchy in the morning can
wasn't like damn excited or wad la, cos it's not taking aeroplane mah
i mean if u tell me we taking cathay pacific to hk, i'll wake up at 4am la =D
it was mainly a trip for my mom la, wif her ex-colleagues u know
plus aunty alice's family lorx, her bro, sis, and their children
kinda got pple my age la, but din realli interact much wif them
cos they already v. close knitted cousins le mah, and i must pei my mom too
oh, got one gal minghui used to be from cedar too, apparently i was her psl?
couldn't recognise her la, but she's from shuyan's class i guess

headed for meleka Renaissance Hotel, some 5 star hotel la
it's not bad, big bed, lots of pillows, nice bathroom
oni thing is dun have bathrobe, that's all
den went shopping at marcotta parade there la, dunno how to spell
ermz, so i started my spending spree there =D =D =D
and i realised m'sia have freaking slow service can?!?!?
totally cannot stand the cashiers, punch in numbers also so slow
i help u can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! totally excuse me la!
oh, and it kept raining la, so it was abit irritating, was caught in the rain lorx

at night head back to hotel
watched chelsea vs everton cos there was no other channels to watch
and i ended up wif espn
i was hoping chelsea lose, dunno wad's the end score though =P

(okay, i heard they won)

Day 2
went gym at 6.30am!! wad a horrible time!! i'm usually still asleep
and i dun even use the gym in my house
but i come all the way to m'sia and wake up SO EARLY to use gym?!?
well, anywaz, just use treadmill la
den check outta hotel to head for penang
watched saw III on the bus, disgusting R21 show
i wun pay money to watch pple die
10 times worse than final destination
i still prefer blockbusters or comedies or romance comedies stuff
okay la, sad crying stuff also can =P
reached the hotel, din realli like it lehz!!
cos of the toilet la!!
it's like... if u use the shower ritex
u must walk out naked to get ur clothes la
and the sink area got no door la
any tom dick or harry can see u la
and i've no intention of seeing my mom naked too -_-"
den went to shop abit
at night i watched The Polar Express on vision 4

Day 3
went to the snake temple, and penang hill and some sightseeing
i was rather tired la
ermz, okay, nothing much about day 3 lorx
bought some souvenirs so that i dun have to think about it again
at night was gonna watch a canto aaron kwok show,
but i fell asleep

Day 4
leave the hotel finally!! and finally can wake up later!
cos we decided not to use gym that day and stuff
had lunch at dunkin' donuts!!
i rmb when i was young, my mom used to always buy donuts lehz!!
den dunkin' donuts like disappeared from singapore?!?
ah well, it was nice though
i had a double choc =D
fattening la, but NEVER MIND! i'm on a holiday!!
at night went Greenbox (m'sia version of kbox) wif my mom's frens
it was rather entertaining ba, and there's FREE FLOW OF FOOD AND DRINKS
omg la, it's like a buffet can
and it's like 30rm?!? we were there from 10pm till like almost 2am la!
freaking cheap can!

Day 5
spend alot of money at some shopping mall la
den while shopping, we found out from the shopkeeper that johore flooding?!?
omg la, HOW TO GO HOME!!
i wanna go home lorx!!!
m'sia is never a place in which i feel like staying there longer
if i was in other countries (which requires a plane to get there)
i'll be super super she bu de!!!!!
oh, and i watched some singapore drama serial there, cos it was playing there
super old though, but, haha, quite funni la
go m'sia watch singapore drama
den also watch The Basketball diaries

watch show wif my mom sometimes kinda wth de
u know when like gonna have some bed/sex scene
i'll always change channel de
it's uncomfortable watching that wif her lorx
den i'll miss some part of the show
abit ridiculous horx... ah well

Day 6
spent the whole day travelling back
din realli sleep that much on the coach
since was watching shows
i enjoyed Bad Company cos chris rock rocks
damn funni la he
oh, and i got scared of ghost ship at night
so much that i ended up running to my mom's room to slp wif her -_-"

ah well, end of entry
please proceed to photoblog
to see me me and more me =p

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