Saturday, December 16, 2006


eugene and ian and my ah gong have left for home
i realised ian is a bad boy cos he lied about his homework thing
seems scary horx?
outwardly seems cute and entertaining, but he lied
okay la, i also always lie wad, but his lying is abit ridiculous can
and he sometimes abit xiao qi one u know
oh no, slap him la, he lie to me again, i make sure his face got 5 marks

went abit swimming wif them yesterday
end up ear block can, idiotic
den had lunch wif them before leaving

ian ian was like... "jiejie, dun go la....y u wanna go..."

hahahaha! it was realli v. sa jiao can
he needs to go speech and drama le
confirm become Mediacorp new Ah Ge

yeah, den met jfoo to go for NSSN' 06
ehz!! the backdrop the NSSN that word horx
look like the ticket design that mr waiyip did can!
like excuse me!
okay la, maybe it's just the font
but i see it onli, i rmb that wy do de =P hahaha!
the concert was okay la, not bad =)
the skit horx... initially v. funni, ending abit...ermz..wth la
but i think it's quite hard to think of an ending ba

ah well, leaving for malaysia tml
going to melaka, kl, penang
it has been ages since i gone penang
the last time i went, i was 1.5 yrs old -_-"
my first trip abroad on SIA =D =D =D
i wanna take aeroplane!!!!!!!!!!!!
but we going by coach la

anywaz, i haven packed
better pack soon
will be back on the 22nd! =)
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