Tuesday, December 26, 2006


ah well, i end up jobless again (not exactly again la)
i realised it's onli the 2nd interview that i went for in my life lehz!!
the first interview was, well, a few months ago la, din tell many pple about it
i was almost gonna join le, but it requires some investment
though i was willing to fork out the capital
but then, i went to do some search online
ermz, outta like 5 posts, got 1 post comment kinda badly about it
so, no way le la, i consider that bad reputation

feel abit relieved, cos my mom and dad will stop nagging at me
my dad all the way from china nag at me lehz, excuse me!
also feel abit broke too, cos horx, ehz, money fly away lehz!!
though that's counting chickens before they are hatched =P
oh, and feel abit sad too, cos like cannot work wif sw
it'll be nice to work together u know

but at least pple tell me that,
one person will confirm be happy

haha, but he not back yet, cant tell him, ah well

get me an admin job someone
data entry also good =D
i love typing!

seems abit rushed
but i left a few more days onli to find a job!!
oh no!! =( *sad*

oh, as a sidenote,
just now i was kinda bored la
so i decided to watch deathnote 1
i watch the first 10mins, i scared lehz =P
as in i scared i watch alone in my room
wif such a close view of it
den i'll get nightmare la!!!

yeah, so, i shall wait for pple to watch wif me instead =P
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