Wednesday, December 27, 2006


today woke up damn early cos had to go interview at peninsula plaza
it's another recruiment agency, who already found a job for me la
but then, i still have to go that company to interview, hope it's soon!!!

this time the interview was more like an interview, not like that of RE
it requires me to bring down all my relevant documents and certs la
so i ask my mom help me take out lorx, she keeps it all in one folder
den she give me everything, even my piano cert also gimme la -_-"
but so sad, i grade 6 never get distinction, doesn't look so nice =P

den i put it all in a new file that my mom bought for me
too bad it is not Precious Moments, she say the place she went din have that on sale -_-"
but it's still quite nice la!
and i managed to fill up more than 10 pockets! at least pass the halfway mark!

but my certs are damn ugly can
i mean u see psle de, wah, totally wth
onli all the cedar ones were perfect la, so mani leadership stuff also
even have project stuff plus WITS stuff, perfect can!!
den u come to vjc stuff...wah... totally omg and paiseh la!!
especially my damn nice prelim results!! omgomgomg!!!
haiz, sad sad, i was staring hard at her face, good thing it remained poker like

and there was still a typing test!! wah, i abit not prepared onli
and the keyboard was wth la, okay, i think i was just not used to the softness of it
make me type 2 mins lorx
in the end my typing speed is 72wpm 100% accuracy
rars!! i was abit shocked onli la =P
i got typing programme at home de mah, last time got practise till 90+ u know!!
omg la!! ah well, but she says it's fast la, so i got nothing to say too

i think the interview went rather okay ba
she say she'll contact me again to arrange interview wif the company
omg, hurry ask me!! i want i want i want!!!
den i can like stop sending despserate emails le u know
i even send email to John Little as a night packer la =P
for extra cash la =P

yeah, den after that went arab street
din see many beads shop lehz
maybe walk the wrong lane
keep seeing cloth la, so idiotic
but i did end up at a beads shop la, den bought some stuff lorx

den walk till concourse there to see see
hopefully i get to work there, though abit outta the way, cos must walk
walk around the shops there la, quite deserted
there got cheap DMK shoes though
den they are like having humongous offers for christmas stuff la
not that anyone is buying though -_-"

looks kinda fairytale like! =)

left that place and came back to amk to go my aunt's kodak shop
she got a few shops la
amk, hougang mall, tampines there
omg, i din know she has one in tampines lehz!
and apparently my uncle is always there helping?!?
ermz, well done!!
yeah, went to develop photos lorx, think they'll deliver it to my hse =P
cos they coming my house on 31st for family dinner

yeah, came home, did some stuff
oh yes, and my phone bill is gonna explode la!!
i keep sending N mass messages?!?!? omg la!!
haiz, yeah, den come home and slack lorx
and internet din wanna work somemore
i was how freaking bored la!!
end up watching tv and sleeping

and army is sooooooooo slack!!
at 4+, some B J YAP was about to take an AFTERNOON NAP?!?
excuse me!! wad's wif the army!!!!!
can like the singapore government do something?!?
sleep wad sleep la
hmpfz, slack dao bu xiang yang!!!!

ah well, tml have another interview wif RE
i wanna turn it down de
but then the person say no harm going down for the interview lorx
so, fine lorx...but it's a 2 months job onli lehz
$6 an hour, + commissions la
working for Loreal as a promoter
omg la, they see my face, they dun wanna buy my products le la
cos i still have some pimples u know, sad sad!!!

haiz, gimme the panasonic job please!!!!!!!!

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