Friday, December 22, 2006

[i'm back!]

yay! i'm back from m'sia!!!
shall not update much today la cos lazy to upload pics
din take much though, yupyup

summary of m'sia

Things i bought
1) 8 tops
2) 2 shorts
3) 1 skirt
4) 2 dress
5) 3 belts
6) 2 bags
7) 1 shoe
8) maybelline stuff
9) 5 earrings
10) medium mahjong set

Movies i watched
1) Saw III (din catch the ending though)
2) The Polar Express
3) some canto aaron kwok show (fell asleep halfway)
4) Looking for Winn-Dixie
5) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
6) Ghost Ship
7) Bad Company
8) The Basketball Diaries

oh, and i also watched soccer
chelsea vs everton if i'm not wrong
i fell asleep when the score was 2 - 1 to everton -_-"

oh yes, and i stupidly din activate roaming when i was in m'sia
and when i reach s'pore, i dun receive the msgs =( *SAD*
m1 is damn ma fan can
actually i got read that must activate roaming la =P
but i was hoping it'll be like singtel u know
but when i realise it, it was too late la, totally no reception le lorx =(

okay, i shall blog more tml =)
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