Wednesday, December 13, 2006


okay, i'm back from a long day
haven even bathe la, rushing to blog before eugene and ian comes out

went to escape theme park
well, the promotion is real la
but it's 1 cotton candy, 1 carnival game (selected), 1 icecream
well, good enough la, bloody cheap
but, not worth it for me cos i'm a scaredy cat la =P hahahaa!

actually i was hoping it'll rain la, den change of activities
cos i slept kinda late last night
felt abit like half knocked out lorx
still ask me to go sit those stuff

took a few simple rides la
i wanna go on the Wet & Wild, but because will be wet, den my mom dun let
dots la!!!!!
den, ermz, viking, no thanx =P
i'm freaking afraid of it la

oh, went into the haunted house for the first time
eugene and ian keep saying it's okay de, just a bit scary
in the end!!!
they were CLINGING on to my ah gong la!!!
my ah gong was like so brave... keep telling them it's nothing de, and leading the way
and eugene and ian were CLOSING their eyes la!!
while me, my mom, melvin and my ah gong were all fine
like even my mom also not scared can!!!!
those 2 ar.... SCAREDY CATS!!!!!!!!

den went on the family coaster thing
bloody funni la
the whole thing horx, only my mom there screaming her heart out can
even my ah gong also wanna laugh at her la
he was like "bu pa de"
my mom is damn useless can!!!!!!!
my ah gong still took it twice wif us la!!!!
oh, btw, he's 77 years old
the operator still went up to him, ask him whether he sure he can take anot =P
in the end, it's my mom who's so wth la!!!
i was laughing the whole ride through =P
she's damn entertaining la, u gotta admit

after that went out to the food court for lunch
den kinda drizzled
den went back to play abit
den went off le, cos it really poured
so went to causeway point to wait for sakae to open
was in the library borrowing books
i better rmb to return all my books!!!
else, ermz, pple will have to pay fines le =P hahahaha!

ermz, had sakae
ate till quite full la
and moreover my jeans was initally like quite tight can!!!
eat finish horx, wah, jia lat la =P

anywaz, i'm off to bathe le
got time visit my photoblog lorx =)

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