Sunday, December 24, 2006

[christmas services]

yesterday went to sean's hse for dinner
well, he wasn't there la, cos he performing for his church mah
my mom and i were kinda late
guess it's cos of me la, i reach home abit late =P
den we chiong all the way there
which is at buona vista la his house so freaking far!!

ate laksa and crab at his house
not much time to eat
else i eat more crab le =D =D =D
i love crabs!!! but it wasn't chilli de la
just bbq de, normal plain de, but still, it's crab!!!
gave out and received presents/angpaos
den rush to sean's church which is Mount Carmel if i'm not wrong
can't realli rmb =P

it was a not v. exciting musical ba, but never mind, see him perform
his first act, he was in the dark la, can't even tell which one is him
but his little bro told us la
his little bro evan is like in kindergarten
more than mine can!!!!!
which adds up also to, he's freaking smart
his vocab is probably more than mine la, omg lorx!!!
well, anywaz, overall the musical was okay la
go wif family, feel rather comfortable actually, just go and see lorx

den horx, reception after that la
but never see sean lehz, and we were about to leave le!!
oh no, i was thinking, yuan lai end up wun talk to him le!!!
in the end when we drive out ritex
den his dad's car in front of mine
den he was waiting for it la
den he saw us behind in my mom's car
den furiously wave to us
almost gonna jump into our car le la
den realise that we not going his house lorx
ah well, end up msging him la
was trying to scold him for telling his dad rubbish stuff!!

den today, woke up damn early la!
cos going cityharvest church wif szewing, zihao, jfoo
well, i ended up waiting for someone for 30mins yeah................
ah well, so went to chc, was almost like the last time we went la
(the last time wif sw, zh during sw's b-dae)
just that this time the play was longer and stuff lorx
christmas play la, yupz
very much different from sean's de la that lorx

went tampines mall for lunch
den walk around wif jfoo awhile den met them plus rk and elyn at suntec kbox
kbox can be quite high sometimes, haha
and i promise i'll improve my photography skills!!!!

anywaz, time to view photos! =)

merry christmas everyone =)
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