Monday, December 25, 2006


haiz, u know wad
i told szewing: i wun spend money till june
i told fujing: i wun spend money till the new year (afew more days onli!)

ermz, but i today already spent le

Things I bought

1) 5 mango shirts
2) 4 bras
3) 1 dress
4) 1 cardigan
5) 2 skirts

okay la, i onli paid for 4) and 5)
the rest my mom paid la =P

early in the morning at 9+am we headed for OUB centre there
cos there got warehouse sale la
and today last day, so buy 1, the 2nd piece half price
there sold mango stuff, onli a few tees, mainly is those office shirts type
GAP children wear
Victoria Secrets lingerie
GAP lingerie (damn ugly)
Valentino suits for males
blah blah la

yeah lorx, so went there to shop
den went to Hougang mall to walk around and buy stuff too
went to find szewing at her mom's shop to pass her stuff
din stay v. long la, my mom waiting
and i was so tired i needed to sit down cos of too much shopping

oh, and i stupidly never bring out my phone today when i go out
good thing i can rmb pple's numbers so i used my mom's phone
u see?! it's super impt to rmb pple's numbers lorx! =D

okay, time to unpack stuff
before copying out photos to develop
i need to beautify my house wif more of my pics =P
and i need photo albums too

anyone got excess photo frames and dun want de horx, kindly gimme =)
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