Thursday, December 28, 2006


well today i slacked at home, wif lousy internet
haiz, y an earthquake in taiwan end up affecting me?!?
like i can't log in to msn now, shall try again later

slacked at home during the morning
got nothing better to do
went to learn from xiaxue and decorate my laptop =P
haha, but it doesn't look anywhere as nice as hers
cos my beads were too big lehz... yeah lorx
but at least my black laptop looks happier now =P
ehz!! i want a white laptop!!!!!!!!!!
that is like so so so nice!!!



ah, i wish to get a new laptop so i can change deco =P
but u see, those 2 are my fave shapes! haha

den afternoon went for interview at RE at taka
waited damn long la, and i kinda turn it down
or rather, put on hold for awhile cos i wanna see the other job how =P
i more interested in the other one la!!
doing retail horx... work long hours, stand so long, omg la!
but, if i dun get the other job, of course i dun mind =D
i'm desperate!!! =( =( =(

den went to meet my mom at amk to buy some stuff
and went to eat the $9.80 chilli crab again!! =)
crabs should have 4 pincer : 4 legs can...or a better ratio than that =P

haiz, i v. sianz now
i think tml i better check classifieds and call up for jobs le
i dun wanna be jobless in january =(
please let msn work!!! =(
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