Tuesday, August 01, 2006

[worn out]

ah, today had two maths lects
one by mrs chua, one by leebar

i fell asleep during chua's lect
after finishing my food

[sidenote: i was like how pig today
i think i spent too much money
on food le!!! =( ]


i woke up towards the end
cos, my phone vibrated
open up and see msg

"chem tutorial cancelled today"


i was how happy la!!!
den i managed to wake up
and listen to the last words of chua

well, den went lib to mug
den is another maths lect le

hahaha, damn funny!!

i mean seriously, if pple dun tell u stuff
u will never know that they do such things!

i laugh till, omg can
realli wanna cry le la

can u guess wad word
sounds like "ueng" ?! =)


okay, if u dun get it, not funny den =P

initially i thought i'll just fall asleep la
in the end, wah seh, damn hilarious!
i think leebar hear us laugh
den think we v. entertained by him or wad
keep cracking stupid stupid jokes lorx

like please.

and my maths notes are how messy la
he keep asking us copy fast fast
when there's like one WHOLE PARA to copy

like totally wth.

after maths lect ended,
my mom came to pick me up

along the way,
i was saying about travelling and wasting petrol

den she said

"waste a bit of petrol never mind,
that's all i can do for u now,
cos i can't help u in any other way"

abit touching horx?

haiz, if i was filthy rich
i'll just buy a house at neptune court or
somewhere nearby at least
i'm like damn deprived of sleep now
and my dark eye rings = panda-like

i aim to be on time
for my 3rd day of study plan.
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