Saturday, August 05, 2006


not wanting wrong impressions.

today was like this extremely long day for me
like i leave my house at 8.35am
and i reached home at 10.30pm


went for chem make up lesson today
in which many lazy pple din go
jfoo called before i reach sch
say he at t26
so, okay la, i go there find him

but all the entrances to the 2nd floor was locked!
damn funni can!
he walk outta the classroom
and realised he's locked up
like some stupid caged bird =P

in the end, he performed some spiderman
jump to the container classroom roof
den come down
but no one saw it
so i bet it was damn unglam
just that he never further elaborate

well, initially i din pay attention
cos i had econs tuition hwk haven finish
so hurry up chiong thru mcqs
den dunno how come time fly past
and it was time for lunch
and, robi yeo treat PIZZA!
6 LARGE pizzas can!!!!


and still provide us wif cups and serveits!
fu wu zhou dao!!
and pay for us somemore!
even though we chipped in la
$2 each
but still
he paid like $65 lehz!!! omg omg!!!!!

i promise to do all my tutorials
but actually, i finish le! =D guai anot!

i chiong off so fast after eating pizza
cos my mom waiting
in which i onli eat 2 slices
guys eat like how fast can!!
gals so chi kui!!
but then, i was damn full la =P

went to pass js's stuff to zh at j8
den went to buy lunch for my mom at macs
someone just cup his hands over my ear


omg! i xia dao can!
like some ghost creep up like that!

and who was it?


xia si wo can!!!
well, he was at j8 waiting for xiaoyu la
that sly guy

"i failed differentiation, but
i know constants always remain"

haha, there's some hidden meaning in it

ah well, he told me his mum bought me
some precious moments stuff =D
nice anot!! haha =D

well, den i went for tuition
i was like how early can
the previous class also haven come out
yeah, dat was start of my 6hr ordeal
and for once
i din sleep i din sleep!
maybe cos msging helped
but the reception there abit bad
unless u know, sit under the pipes
and aim at the right direction
met michelle and manyan there
they are from my pri sch
and they still can recognise me!
well, i couldn't recognise manyan
until the teacher ask for her name

that lesson supposed to be from
2.30pm to 5.30pm
but, it ended at 6pm la!!
like OMG OMG OMG!!

den i rush out
cos my mom bought dinner for me
i ate like 5 mouthfuls
den dun feel like eating le

when one's stressed, one cannot eat!

den rush back into the class
den got nabilah there
and i made a new fren rachael
at least got talk la
den, that lesson was from 6.30pm to 9.30pm

i ate so much junk food that i feel
totally disgusted wif myself now!

i've like N grams of sugar in me!!!!!!
u know wad this is called?

overdosage of sweetness! (:

okay, please dun puke pple =D
anywaz, i'm damn behind time
i haven done compre and compo
and i'm like so exhausted
and i totally cannot focus now
and i left tml to chiong thru everything

i guess this concludes i most prob
will not go out on tuesday le ba
but maybe go sch =S
wad a waste of time.
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