Thursday, August 03, 2006


i'm gonna break away from convention
no more totally cryptic post
or cryptic lines at the END of posts
i'm gonna be damn original
cos i'm gonna........

write it at the beginning of my post! =P

maybe i shouldn't have typed that yesterday
even though i was pissed, but
it wasn't a v. nice feeling
to have someone apologise to you
or perhaps it's cos i never say sorry
as someone pointed out today

i realised cryptic stuff may not be good
can u imagine 30yrs down the road
i re-read all my blog entries
and i dunno wad the hell i'm talking about?!

ah well

i realised i'm laughing more these days
and now, words like
cat and ueng can just crack me up
like today, during gc's lesson
he dunno y use example about some cat

immediate response: HAHAHAHAHA!

like omg la

and fj today won the award for the most
not funni jokes ever!!
but i still laugh, cos it's totally NOT FUNNY
and before telling,
she'll say "zhen de hen hao xiao de!!!"


and wy today became the
most "innocent" & creative ah peh ever
even a certain word also dunno wad it means =P
i think reading xiaxue's blog allowed me
to better understand certain stuff
which may be both good and bad =P

and 966 has become the
dirtiest bus ride ever
wonder whether anyone understood
wad we were saying
skali tml got complains to m o e again =P
haha! but we were v. cryptic too! =D

ah well,
today i'm quite happy
despite it being 11.56pm now
and my eyerings are blacker than ever
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