Friday, August 04, 2006


false impression

today there were many breaks
like during pe
and before maths make up
and i din realli make full use of it

till after maths make up
den me, steph, lynne, pw
went to v38 to do some work
and finished my lipids and nucleic acids!


or rather, i'm damn blind can!!
idiot la
i draw this fantastically nice
complete structure of the fluid membrane thing
end up, i realised
need to draw the bilayer onli

which is that 2 rows of lollipops!!


den nucleic acids
i draw that RNA thing till so nice le!
fantastic complete structure
den below write

use p = phosphate
a = dunno wad
g = something

omg la!!!!!

like totally B.I.T.C.H tutorial!!!!!

this type of thing cannot say in front izzit
must say at the back izzit!!!
omg la!!!
i was like gonna pull my hair out le!!

waste my freaking time!!

and i tried to do estimation tutorial
first question my answer not same as tut le
den, SIANZ!!!

and i believe howk has a serious
dislike for BAA
like forever condemn him ar
today he did it wif "ridiculously simple"

and today i borrowed hzgg 1 from mark
okay la, i know v. old show

oh, and i d/l F.I.R "fei xing bu luo" album le!
i gonna buy it soon
cos i'm a loyal fan
who buys all their discs and dvds
but so far
i haven find their concert dvd or anything
so i onli got...4 of their discs =P
this is gonna be my 5th =D

well, i guess i shall comment more when i buy it

but for now,

tian tian ye ye rocks
get high rocks
fei xing bu luo rocks =)
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