Sunday, July 23, 2006


i'm like so upset wif myself now =(
i basically din do anything today
i dunno y i so slack
like prelims are coming soon
and since today is a sunday
i should like make good good use of it ritex?

but no!
i din!

i onli did econs essay outlines
and a gp compre!

and there's still gp homework to be done
and chem tuition hwk
and physics tuition hwk
and stuff to revise!

and i thought i did v. little yesterday lorx
today is like worse?!
at least yesterday i start abit of
revision for chem
in which i realised there's alot to study

i can't concentrate
this is like bad bad bad
for once, i wish my mom
will hurry up take my com away
and help me reformat it

maybe den will i realli study

at times like this
sometimes i just wanna SCREAM!


i guess i should try to do more afterwards
but that will be after dinner
and after i watch tv?!?
oh no

i've like no self control now
i think i need some motivation talk

if anyone can ensure that
i dun come online for a week

i'll treat them...



ice-jelly! =D
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