Friday, July 28, 2006


hmmz, checking site meter
someone went to google search
"v j c skirts"
i wonder if that's the reporter?!

and i think i should get my blog
outta the stomp website too =P
like that's so direct to newspapers la

guess i wun visit stomp so much now

and mrs chan was again v. nice to us again
in a way,
she slapped back that reporter can
like three cheers to mrs chan!! =)

okay, enough of this skirt thing le
forever blog about it
makes it sound damn bimbotic =P

today, lessons ended at 10.25
cos tml college day, so must prepare and stuff
but actually, my lessons ended at 8.40am ba
the rest, not considered =P
den moreover no need go pe
so it's like
ermz, stone stone stone
and talk

den went to marina square kbox
well, it turned out well!!!
haha, damn funni can!

most classic incident:

glen was like being super duper emo

(forgot to take pic, busy laughing)

till the fact that he was like praying on the ground
his ass facing the door
den the waiter opened the door!!!!

and see some weird guy praying down there

v. funny!!!!
omg la!!!
den he still not pai seh can
pretend to sing to that guy


omg la,
i probably laughed my intestines out

tried to take some pics
but dunno lehz
sometimes clear sometimes not clear
my hand always shakes when i take pics =S
i need some anti-shake camera

my ideal camera:

and u know wad's most anticlimax?

going for tuition after kbox

like omg la
pple so high
den after that go tuition talk about inflation
i fell asleep can
and i was sitting in the middle somemore
damn obvious la
then the teacher keep trying to walk up and down
and i tried to stretch my eyelids open

oh yeah
and there were 2 vj guys in tuition
surprising can?
the only other vj person i see in
econs tuition before is jessie la
the 2 guys, i dunno their names lehz
one is some soccer player
one is some tracker
but i dun remember the name =P

but today i felt particularly sian during tuition
esp since i not sitting at usual place
and the class was like damn noisy
and, haiz, i dunno la
it wasn't a v. nice feeling today
moreover nabliah nowadays never come
for fri tuition le
cos she got extra lessons in sch
sianz =(

ah well
updated my photoblog
even though i dun have much photos

lynne, when u upload le, send me kz! =)

(btw, bj was the photographer,
so not inside)

it's not good to worry too much
cos all turns out well in the end =)
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