Sunday, July 16, 2006


haiz, sad case
today i was doing some hwk
den i saw outside
wah seh, bright and sunny
den i decided to just stop everything
and go down for a swim

my mom went down wif me
cos she was like gonna fetch my ah gong later
den after that she notice
my swimming costume is abit
i dunno, tattered u could say?
like the joint parts abit thread thin le =P
i think my this one use for
7 yrs or so le lehz!
cos one period of time
i never swim at all mah

but heck la
just swim first
next time then buy lorx
i think GSS is still on anywaz
i've been wanting to buy for a long time le
but then, always cannot find anything nice
or when see something nice
den my mom say like shit or wad
or else she's like "wait for price to drop"

forever like that
wait for price to drop at Mango
wait till i cannot find wadeva i want le lorx

anywaz, i realised it wasn't v. sunny
like onli 1/4 of the pool had sun
sian diao can
but never mind la, just swim
but din swim v. long
cos there was this group of little boys
keep blocking my way can!! idiot la

they were playing dunno wad wargame la
2 teams
attack here attack there
den got some leader
run here and there
u wanna play, go play at the more shallow end can
dun come and cut into my path
must use the centre of the pool izzit
idiot lorx

den their supposed leader
his trunks seemed how mini
and his tummy was like a balloon?
but not as taut as a balloon
it looks like it had ripples la
couldn't realli see carefully la
cos it's like i was half blind?
i dun wear contacts when swimming wad
it's damn painful de
i tried once
wth lorx that boy
go exercise la!
play simi war game u tell me!

den got another boy
dunno y
swim diagonal la
and i think swim like 4 laps onli
den just keep sitting on the steps
like wth
as in his body is above water la
i dun see a point lorx
suntan mehz?
might as well sit on the pool chairs?
cooling himself in the water mehz?
den y cool bottom dun cool top?
weird lorx
den after that he go bathe le i think

ah well
just swam 24 laps onli la
as in condo laps =S
quite disappointing ba
but those little kids getting in the way
realli damn irritating de lorx
it's best to swim in the mornings
or during weekdays ba
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