Saturday, July 15, 2006

[sg idol]

i know this is abit late
but lemme blog about sg idol today
cos i din watch it on wednesday
due to that cold war thing -_-"

let's start by first commenting on...

1) the hosts
daniel and gurmit interact v. well
but i feel they are v. no substance can
esp gurmit
i think daniel ong is better
but then
no one beats ryan seacrest
he's like so witty and natural
while gurmit
forever ask the crowd to make some noise
u think the crowd not noisy enough izzit
which brings me to...

2) the audience

bloody noisy audience can
i know u all wanna show support la
but like just SHUT THE HELL UP
when the judges are talking can
it's damn irritating when gurmit
or the judges ask them to keep quiet
ridiculous, 3 yr old kids izzit
and they say that singaporeans dun open their mouth
compared to pple in the west
like please look at american idol
the audience know when to keep quiet wad
ridiculous lorx, learn how to BEHAVE ba

3) the judges

i think that ja is the most fei
compared to the rest ba
she, whole day wear black
most of the time wear stuff
to show off her damn big watermelons
which after viewing it
it seems like the skin quality is abit bad =P
and ken lim has no fashion sense
but at least his harsh comments are right
most of the time
dick and florence are both okay la
but florence is how aunty-fied

okay, enough about these like
background stuff le

let's talk about top 12!!

gayle was the first to sing!!
i think she v. stylish can!
after she colour and curl her hair
i think she looks more hot le lorx!
previously she looks like the
sweet gal next door
in which every guy will want
but now GAYLE IS HOT HOT HOT!!!!
and i thought her singing also not bad la
even though like karaoke
but still, sing well ba!!

den rahima
wasn't her usual rocker style ba
was okay lorx
and i've no idea why kafai likes her?
like i thought kafai goes for the dumb blond type?
like that american idol that dumb blonde
oh no, wad's her name ar
that calamari country gal


well, at least i rmbed calamari =P

and that emilee kang
y pple like her ar?
she not even in like bottom 4?
like jonathan was in bottom 4?
like why why why?
totally no logic can!
emilee is like still a lounge singer in my eyes
though she's trying to change
but still, i dunno la
and she has damn bad skin quality
when light shine on her face
den can tell de
pock marks here and there
she can go facial wif mark lee le

hmm, still got...jasmine tye!
omg la, i thought her image was totally wth can
i prefer the piano show de!
v. sunshine gal u know
i thought she was pretty then!
but the image this time was WRONG la
look at that straight line fringe
her face already so small le, straight line fringe
makes her face look short, but fat u know
cos of her cheeks
and her that tube
dunno too tight
or cos of shen cai not good enough
the fats kinda buldging out can
i thought it was damn eyesore
den that florence still say her image improving by the week
no wonder florence wears aunty-fied stuff
that explains it all lorx

i thought paul twohill and jonathan were
good good good!!!!
jonathan doesn't look v. rocker-ish
but he sings NICE!!!
and he's pleasant looking
paul twohill sings nice too
but i think v. hideous lehz
i just cannot tahan looking at him leh
i feel like i looking at michael jackson
that's both a compliment and insult to him ba

den that joaquim
well, he finally sang a song
where he couldn't dance
and it reveals that he can't realli sing?

(i know they dun read this
so i'm gonna say this)

if u think joaquim's singing is nice
might as well come to vjc chem lab
and hear glen and kafai sing

joaquim is like definitely not gonna last long
stop voting for him just cos he's cute and stuff
he's obviously the most good looking guy there
cos the rest is like so wth
but still...


even though must be, kinda idol-ish

but den again, look at ken lim
his hair is totally WONDERFUL
his t-shirts are totally WOOHOO
but at least, he still u know, quite famous as
ermz, producer izzit?
dunno la =P
at least got talent u know

haha, so much for sg idol
i look forward to better fashion and songs nx wk!
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