Sunday, July 30, 2006


okay, i just came back from Realm
not miao kz fj
but i think they trying to
pronounce it till too high class le
it's not reAAAAlm
it's more like rEEEEEAAAALm
like get it?!?!?

it's like esplanard and esplanaid la!

anywaz, met penguin and jfoo at 330
i was like how sure the rest will be late
so i was like taking my own sweet time
den zh msg me ask me where i am
i'm like

"still at home"

haha =P

in an attempt to reach city hall faster
i asked my mom to fetch me to bishan

"huh? why to bishan?"

"oh, cos zh on the train, reaching le"

"oh, zh onli? the rest lehz?"

"confirm late one la"

"CHEHZ! den i send u to yck can le"

like zh damn not impt like that =P

ah well, in the end, went there lorx
saw some vj peeps
whom i dunno, year1s i think

walk to marina square
cos wanted to buy stuff
after buying
saw some bridal food fair thing
den there got Pariss mah
wah, sharkfin for $3 can!!
so the 3 of us share

i thought it was damn disgusting can
but jfoo thinks it's nice
oh no....
if he eats the sharkfin my mom cooks
maybe he faint le la

den horx, pariss also sell
black pepper crab for $5 lehz!!!
omg omg omg!!!!
i was like SOOOOOO tempted to buy!
got another stall also sell CHILLI CRAB!!
omg omg omg!!!!!!

but i din eat la
if i eat horx
i miss first half of concert le

den seth met us
and we rush down to vch
wif bj saying


wah, rush all the way la
in the end, wad 3 mins la
still got mani more mins can!
oh, and the programme booklet is
damn wth!!!!!
not enough money izzit
y quality like that de!!

so the concert started lorx
wif the sec sch band
din understand y pple laugh during
spanish trumpet
must be something that guy did
ave maria was like just abit boring

after that was pri sch band
OMG!!!! KAWAII!!!!
i tell u ar
it's totally

paedophile heaven can!!!

damn short and still can make music
and like maybe the saxophone is 5/6
that little boy's height?!?
wah, damn cute can!!
den got this little perc
play blue tambourine de
so short till he cannot even look over the stand

den also got this fat perc
(dunno is it same person)
wah, i tell u, he was gonna
EXPLODE outta his blazer la!
wah, but he damn funni can
just wanna squish him lorx
too bad wy dunno him
else drag him take photo wif me le

den at the end got sch song
daniel and jfoo, well done
totally maluating
"HOI-ing" at the wrong time can!!
like wth!!!
the row in front totally stared!!!!
den still do vj cheer?!?!?


after that went for dinner at funan foodcourt
den went home le

it's like time to do work =(

(click on photo for more pics)
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