Friday, July 14, 2006

[inversely proportional]

yesterday night, i spent so long doing the econs essay
and i realised, i die also cannot finish la!
so i decided to stop doing
and just hand in on monday instead
i still left one more essay la, omg lorx
and i ended up like typing it out
cos i write too slow le, v. pek cek one

i wish laptops are allowed in a's =(
i rather type than write la!
dun u think it's like so save paper too?!

anywaz, my mom and i have finally talked
the reason y i haven come online
for the past few days
was cos i was having cold war wif my mom

it was sparked off cos of my maths c grade
and den she start saying cannot use tv and internet
yell at me for dunno how long
den i just go my room and refuse to eat dinner lorx
in the end got eat like abit la
else she keep nagging, i get more angry onli
den after that i din talk to her for like 2 days lorx
like maybe my longest sentence to her was

"tuition starts at 4pm today"

wth lorx

and it was cos she yell at me
and it hurt me
moreover i felt that while yelling at me
she was actually venting anger on me


certain people from some elite school
pissed her off like totally

seriously, brains doesn't equal character
more often than not

lots of brains = no character

(this is no insult to tim or anyone else,
but to this particular group of bastards)

and if u've

lots of brains + filthy rich parents

= 99% a horrible kid

cannot stand it when i hear about them la

u think ur parents got money
and that u got brains
means u own the world ar?
means u can do everything u want ar?
please la
ur character is zero kz
next time pple also dun wanna employ u
den u're just a piece of fei wu
living off ur parents' money

so do u still think u're a big shot now?

damn retarded that these pple are from elite schools
dun even understand basic stuff
onli know how to argue ur way
and think the world revolves around them

and that they're always right

totally a bunch of bastards
which in a way fuelled the cold war wif my mom

and she's like too kind hearted wif them
if it's me
i probably demand that they get
public caning in sch
like wad the hell are the teachers doing?!

sux to the core lorx they all
i'll make sure i'm never associated wif such scums

anywaz, got back most papers le
except for econs
cos our teacher marks at a wonderful pace
and gp cos supposed to nx wk give out

die le la, so far cde can!
i'm like damn scared of gc lorx
but die die also must tell him marks de ba
he probably wanna chop my head off
and say i always sleep in his class
ehz, never lorx
or i may just like close eyes for 1 SECOND
den open the next =P

sometimes v. tired wad
can't be helped de

i got 10,000 things to do now
busy busy busy
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