Thursday, July 27, 2006


today was this ultra super long day
like lessons, make up lect, and tuition
omg lorx
it's enough to kill tracy

but she managed to survive

so that she can blog, complain, rant
about this stupid stupid incident

(i already complained to my mom
for N mins le, and she doesn't realli agree
wif me, but is trying not to go against me)

wad's wif the skirts again lorx
some stupid columnist still come snoop around
wanna take pics of our skirts
and wanna interview us

like wth?!?

can u please go harbourfront area?
or buona vista area?
wad u doing come and harass
nice east coast park pple?!?



i utterly condemn that person
who go complain to m o e lorx

he's probably some top
shenton way executive
everyday go work at 9am
come back at 12mn
never get to see students
suddenly one day went to take leave
den see a gal wif a short skirt
and start to hyperventilate
and den complain

all singaporeans know how to do is complain
(like wad i'm doing now)

omg lorx
if he see gals in fbt shorts
he might need the ambulance


you know wad
i think mrs chan realli v. nice to us?
up till now
she hasn't realli like outright
SCOLD us for causing her this trouble
for maybe getting her into bad books of m o e
all she says during assembly is like

"we're having alot of visitors this week"

"saturday is college day,
i dun wish for such an event
to marr all our achievements"

something like that you know
she's more like pleading wif us
to uphold the school reputation

never like,

"if you do not change ur skirts by TML,
you'll be blacklisted"

realli realli v. nice lorx
haven even realli like raise her voice at us
maybe that will soon change
but i still want this image of her to remain

at least she's a v. understanding jc principal
who understands us well
who may be lax in her rules
but at least we dun go out and sha ren fang huo?

we are all good pple
underneath those short skirts

and triple slaps to the reporter again lorx
like wth
nothing better to publish izzit?
even though he's supposed to publish
this type of gossipy eyecatchy stuff
but this is not even NEW stuff can!!!

he lives in a well together wif the
shenton way guy

how spacious.

i dunno who those 2 guys are
randomly got them from the internet
no offensive to them
it's hard to find pics of elderly men

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