Friday, July 21, 2006

[funny day]

today is racial harmony day
as usual, my class no one wear ethnic costumes
anywaz, all pure chinese mah
wanna borrow ethnic costumes also ma fan
i rmb last time in cedar
i onli wear in sec3 and sec4
cos sec1 and 2, also pure chinese class
for both years, i wore a panjabi
v. comfortable
like wearing pyjamas =P

i thought assembly will drag v. long lorx
but it din, ended at 8am
not say alot of pple wear ethnic costumes
but there were some wearing
saris of wrong colour combinations
korean and japanese outfits
hawaiian shirt
and some apparently coolie
wy say was wearing like shorts and singlet
wif a towel

yupz, din get to see lehz!

well, den lessons started
chao siew fong saw my earrings
den he was like pointing to it
i thought he wanna scold me
and ask me to change it or something
in the end he say

"careful, later got EM induction"

i'm sure la!!
and still cut magnetic field lines
have change in magnetic flux density
and by faraday's law, there's induced emf

like wth?!

okay, to those who have not seen my earrings
it's just those hoop type u know
by square shaped lorx
which incidentally looks like
those type of rotating coils
seen in many EMI notes

like wth?!

after that had pe
which was so damn tiring can!!
laugh like mad =P
for once,
all the gals did pe!
well, it's the last last pe ever lehz
in my whole life lehz

oh no, i suddenly feel OLD can

den we had some modified cap's ball
haha, i dun realli like stuff to do wif b.ball and stuff
last time, finger kanna injure so badly from it
i still rmb lorx
whole finger turn purple
and become a big purple carrot can
disgusting anot!!
and i think at that time i was still learning piano?!?
like maybe i had to stop lessons for awhile?!

i'm damn accident prone de
but nowadays dun have le! =D
i rmb last time damn stupid one
i can walk, and fall down
dat's y my knees got alot of scars

den chem was boring
i was like wanna sleep dun wanna sleep
wanna do physics dun wanna do phy
that type of state u know
so like i concluded i totally wasted my time

den went for tuition
took 36, wanted to go ps den change mrt
but wad happen?
i fell asleep on the bus

and now u'll think i'll say i miss the stop ritex?


i din la
i woke up at suntec
but i was still abit subconscious
so i thought that maybe i overshot le
i see alot of pple get down
den i also run down the bus
after alighting
den i open eyes big big

"oh, this is suntec"

(pause awhile)

like i must walk bloody far to mrt?!
actually i was thinking whether to walk to
the convention centre
den wait for bus to go city hall
den, aiyah, wad if i see pple on 36?
pai seh anot la!

i was like hoping i was dreaming or something
dream that i alight at suntec
but, that was the sad truth
and i was still so tired la!

yupz, so i walked all the way

ah, den i tuition
i was damn tired can
my eyes keep closing
i think i v. nice lorx
cos not enough space
den got pple sit in front
means onli got chair no table
den i shift my things abit let this rj guy write
in the end, he took up how much space can!!!!

as i was about to fall into dreamland


haha! sj fall on the floor
almost si jiao chao tian can!!
wth la, we laugh dao bu xiang yang!!
cos he was like those late pple sitting in front
den he keep leaning back on his chair
and the chair was balancing on the legs of it
and it obviously couldn't take his weight

funni la!
because of that den i wake up can
but subsequently, after break
i almost fell asleep again
tuition in afternoons are HORRENDOUS

i always just wanna sleep can!

i just watch guess show
it's so not funny now that ah ya left =(

and the letter 'f' in my keyboard is kinda spoilt
must like press how hard la
idiot lorx
and i think no more guarantee le ba
i think guarantee 1 yr onli =P

pple who want prelim topics
please look at the sidebar

i rmb reading in someone's post
that pending problems
will only hurt yourself.
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