Wednesday, July 26, 2006


ah, update again ba

1) singapore idol sux today
cos i dun understand jazz
and jazz dun understand me

2) who can forget glen's CLASSIC
moment with the little COCKROACH!

kick my bag away
kick my bag away!!!!"

(runs and hides behind leslie)

*brave jerome walks up and just squash it*


damn funni can!!!

someone should just take photo
and send to mary or smthg =P

and it's so obvious that daniel
and other guys also scared

wad nonsense about guys being brave
more like put up brave front onli lorx
but in actual fact


howk also part of that group can =P
he step on the cockroach
the GUYS started SCREAMING
and he jump away and his face turn RED la!

omg lorx!!!

that was damn classic too!

i should just retitle this post to

"the most classic moment of glen & howk"

but, aiyah
no point also
cos i dun have any pics =(
no point taking wif my phone
i can't transfer to my com yet =(

3) rmb that we're supposed to
develop photos and hand in to just
this week?!

rmb anot?!?

anyone wants photos?
cos i'm developing tml again
cos some photos are just too blur

and SOMEONE go STEAL my breakfast photo
using a damn SA JIAO method
and this person probably wun even know
the meaning of SA JIAO

u pay me, i help u develop =P

yupz, so if anyone wants me to develop,
drop me a tag
or message me lorx

and i'm bringing camera to sch tml anywaz
so wanna take on the spot also can

i dun mind being class photographer

den i'll have all the photos
den i can go edit and make fun


okay, it's time to do work
please rmb to do gp nov 2003 everyone!
and i still have phy tutorial to do =(


(currently trying to find a pic
where a person is smashing a clock)
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