Saturday, July 22, 2006


today's newspaper had like
articles about mr brown and his
bar chor mee stall

i think it's like how unfair
cos i dun think it's much of an outright criticism
using rockson's terms,
i dun understand wad the gahmen is doing

instead of forever asking us to exercise responsibility
y dun they learn how to be more open minded?
okay, i think there has to be a line drawn
about racism and stuff
but other than that
can't we even talk about the gahmen?
like wth la
not as if condemning ritex
just asking about the cost of living onli wad

which i think it's quite high
for an average singaporean like me?

so wad's wrong u tell me?
wad's wrong?

u think wif one article in the column
den will have some revolution
against the gahmen mehz?

even though mass media v. powerful
but singaporeans also not stupid can
also have their own set of thinking wad
and if all agrees wif the article
den something must be wrong ritex?

instead of like cutting away all feedback

pple like xiaxue,
some of her posts
i also feel like it is abit against
the gahmen behaviour wad
but nothing's wrong wif her lehz
she's still paid to blog in STOMP
and in there,
she also comment about the gahmen
and how they use entrapment and stuff

well, hopefully she wun receive
the same fate as mr brown lorx

and in order not for wu liao
gahmen pple to check my blog
from blog search stuff
i end up koping rockson's word -_-"
for all u know
one day i'll talk about big lee and small lee

but generally,
i'm a p a p supporter

god knows whether i'll still be when i'm 21
and when i start voting

and my mom just went to the
films censorship board there
cos they imported some films from overseas
they are just like documentaries?
but still got stopped by the censorship board
just cos the film has words like "bible" or "religion"
okay, those are sensitive topics
but it's just being used in schools wad
for educational purposes wad

censor everything den learn wad u tell me?
think we living in some well izzit
everything also wanna censor
and database also not say v. efficient
censor wad censor lorx

i realised this week
i totally forgot to talk about the person
who complained to m o e about our
fantastic skirt length?

shen jing bing
v. big hoo ha izzit
must go complain to m o e

and still take pictures?!
i consider that violation of privacy can!
cos obviously is sneakily take
den send ritex
under the terms of

"i need to provide evidence"

like wth?!
that time the student who take video
of the teacher hit student,
den kanna flamed like hell
now someone go take pics of our skirts
how come not in newspaper u tell me?

last time still complain about camera phones
dat pple can like tou pai and stuff
well, so this is a case of tou pai in which
can be accepted izzit?

i think the person must be living in a well too
now then realise gals got short skirts izzit?
maybe if he explore the world
okay, or rather
explore tiny singapore abit
he should realise that vjc is not the onli sch
where gals have short skirts
even sec sch gals skirts are also damn short can

i know some pple the skirts
they just bend down
already can see their shorts le wad
and i dun think got alot in vj?

why dun go complain about other schs?

i think m o e should have just given
this person an airticket to japan

or he could come visit my blog =)

(side note 1: omg! i think they're
like oh so kawaii!!!)

(side note 2: they are all high sch gals)

(sidenote 3: it's not v. easy to search
for their pics cos if u're not v. smart
and type "japanese school girls" into
yahoo search, u'll probably end up
at some porn website)

u wanna know wad are called short skirts?
go there see ba
den come back
and then comment about our gals' skirts

and u can just blame it on
globalisation that we wanna follow other cultures
and be trendy
hmpfz, so there.

i think inorganic chem has driven me nuts =P
i dunno how i'm gonna finish studying and memorising
and during yesterday's econs tuition
the teacher still tell us "please do NOT study"
i thought he has gone crazy

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