Monday, July 17, 2006


ah, things to blog about today

1) i was glad to see szewing today (:
2) should have shuddup and dun
embarrass fj today =P
3) i was shocked by half of wad
someone said today

(it's just half cos i agree
with the other half)

4) bloody chem paper wif typo error
whole world can see that "cop per atom"
= "copper atom"
but i couldn't
i go home read thru the answer
still put one big circle there

5) pple who go ns usually end up
becoming quite stupid
as seen in the medical checkups pple

6) there's damn little time now
wif a biochemistry test and a case study
test coming up soon
and biochemistry is WTH WTH WTH

7) i made a wrong move today
8) even though pple do not tag on my blog now
i still roughly know who reads and who doesn't
9) i'm currently being irritated by a damn beetle

10) it's time to do some work now

wad a short neat entry
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