Monday, July 31, 2006


yupz, it's exactly 28days to gp prelims
and i just failed my gp compre
like from qns 1 to 6, i get 2.5 marks?!
end up wif a grand total of 24 can
and within qns 1 to 6, i got like 5 zeros?!
pro anot la!
i think no one can beat that lorx!

die la
must find some way to improve gp =(

oh well, today's the 2nd day
of my study plan

and i'm proud to say that
i'm on time =)

but u know why?
cos i haven done stuff like
tuition hwk, tutorials, blahz
like i just finish trapezium rule tut onli

well done =P

turns out no diff de lorx!!! idiot

tml i must somehow drag myself outta bed
cos my mom fetching my dad to airport
den after that den rush home
to fetch me to sch

sounds damn pampered horx? =P

but if she says

"tml take bus to sch urself"

well, den i'll like go sch at 9.15 le =P

but then, go sch early also good ba
physics tutorial = other tutorial time
like today, i never pon anything
i just go lessons do other work

well, today's a damn tiring day
and it's supposed to be my longest day
but no!
some leebar have to have make up lect tml
and tml, my day will end at 5.15?!?!?!?
shen jing bing!!!!!!!
like totally wth la
i hope i can stay awake
cos u know, now it's 11.09pm
and i'm like still doing work
cos i can't finish =(

if my sample space for this experiment
"guys are jerks" is 30th july 2006,
the probability of all guys being jerks = 1

(well, i dunno wad i'm talking about,
but i know sampling notes inside got sample space =P)
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